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11 Psychological Tricks That Will Make Your Ex Feel Bad About Losing You

Pain, bitterness, and humiliation are nearly usually associated with breakups. It can be difficult to live calmly when you are experiencing such depressing emotions unless your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is experiencing at least a fraction of the same feelings.

And the greatest way to exact this modest retaliation is to make them regret leaving.

Is it feasible to get your ex to recognize that leaving you was a mistake? After all, it feels great when they apologize and urge you to give them another chance.

This post will teach you how to use seven psychological techniques to make your ex regret leaving you for someone else and urgently want you back.

Let’s get started.

Maintain communication with your ex while being visible.

After a breakup, many sad lovers make the frequent error of keeping in touch with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. But why would anyone want to communicate with someone who has already abandoned them? There are two possibilities: they had an amiable breakup or they are still in love with their ex-partner. The second situation is likely to be more typical among couples who have been together for a long time.

What’s the big deal about this? They know you’re still on the hook if you keep in touch with a love partner who dumped you. And when something is simple to obtain, it loses practically all of its appeal.

Don’t be the fallback option.

Stop displaying your heart on your sleeve if you want your ex-boyfriend to regret dumped you or your ex-girlfriend to realize she made a mistake. Otherwise, you risk becoming a fallback plan for them after another relationship setback, which isn’t what you want.

The less contact you have with your ex after the breakup, the better. It covers phone calls, in-person meetings, and texting. However, there is one important distinction. If you stay under the radar, your ex spouse will forget about you sooner.

Instead, you need them to be aware of life changes, new hobbies, and new pals. As a result, do not unfriend them on social media because this is the quickest way to spread the word.

Develop yourself into a better version of yourself

Explain why you believe your loved one abandoned you. Perhaps you’ve stopped exercising or are living in your jammies. Only you know what draws your mate and what drew them to you in the first place. Basically, any negative developments can lead to a split. “I don’t recognize you anymore,” your partner might say, or “You’re not the same person I used to date.”

The following are the most common reasons for a breakup:

  • Formation of irritating or hazardous habits
  • Weight gain or weight loss
  • Other people’s flirting
  • Become oblivious or unsupportive
  • Lies and deception

You can make precise improvements to your loved one’s appearance or conduct to bring them back (e.g., smoking). For example, if you’re a guy who wants to make a girl regret losing you, grooming and working out is a popular method. Women can also improve their looks with haircuts, new apparel, and even tattoos.

A positive transformation will not only boost your self-esteem and even your health, but it will also make your ex want to get back together.

Make them believe you’ve moved on.

The barrage of emotions that follows a breakup might have a long-term impact on your conduct. Your goal is to avoid giving in. After a breakup, many girls and boys stalk their ex. They send them angry letters and emails, contact them in the middle of the night, and throw a tantrum, all of which is unacceptable behavior.

This method may provide relief if your ultimate goal is to remove bad emotions. However, no one will be attracted to someone who is unable to control their conduct and is visibly insecure. So, what are your options?

Stay cool and carry on

Assume you want to make your ex-girlfriend regret her decision to leave you. Show her how calm and collected you are. Pretend you’re in that spot right now, even if you aren’t. Take caution not to take this game too far. When you see your ex-girlfriend on the street, you don’t want to appear too happy or irritated.

You can’t deceive her into thinking you’ve lost all your animosity. Use the words “disappointed” or “sad that it didn’t work out” if she brings up the breakup topic. You sound as though you expected the relationship to survive, but you’re capable of accepting your ex’s decision to end things and want to go on with your life.

Achieve success

Don’t be concerned. You don’t need to win the Nobel Peace Prize to make your ex-boyfriend regret his decision to dump you. However, becoming more successful than you were previously is unquestionably an unexpected turn of events. Perhaps your ex has ignored something in you, such as a certain talent. A new career or pastime, as well as the mystery, are both appealing.

What can you do to give the impression that you’re more successful? Assess your strengths first. You might, for example, desire to start a small business that you’ve been putting off for different reasons.

Are you an expert in certain fields? If that’s the case, consider starting a blog and providing useful information to your audience. Even a career change to something more promising can make your ex-girlfriend regret losing you or drive her to become interested in your affairs.

How will your ex learn about your accomplishments? The greatest possibilities are usually mutual friends and social media accounts. Your pals will almost certainly inform your ex of exciting news, sometimes on purpose and sometimes by accident. It will work in either case.

Enlarge your circle of friends

Finding new acquaintances and friends is another strategy to make your ex-girlfriend regret letting you go. However, unless your existing buddies are toxic, don’t cut relations with them.

What methods do you use to broaden your social circle?

Allowing someone into one’s personal space becomes more challenging as one grows older. You may begin with your coworkers. For example, try minimizing the distance with a few friendly coworkers and suggest getting out for coffee after a long day. Take a couple images and share them on social media if it’s appropriate.

But make sure your friend doesn’t sense any pressure from you. When developing new connections, you should be real and not just do it to impress your ex with how well you spend your time away from them.

New friends will bring new experiences and assist in shifting the focus away from former relationships and into exciting present moments.

Make someone jealous.

After they’ve left you, your ex is undoubtedly convinced that you’re crying a river. Don’t make them feel so good. Yes, you’re humiliated and upset, but your ex doesn’t need to know. Make an effort to smile more frequently. Be nice and kind. You’ll have to persuade yourself or even pretend that everything is OK at first before it becomes a reality.

You want your ex to believe that you are over the breakup and that you are happy without them. How are you going to do it? Many people are on the lookout for a new date in order to make their ex-partner envious. It isn’t always the best practice, though.

There is always the possibility of traveling.

For example, if you start dating the first person who comes along, your relationship may terminate before your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend discovers it. If you really must have someone by your side, make sure you’re at ease with them.

If you’re fortunate enough to have met someone new who is romantically interested in you, it will make your ex jealous and boost your self-esteem. Simultaneously, if you’re single, bring more color to your life. Meet up with friends, go on a trip, and join a gym. Allow your ex to witness how amazing and happy you are without them.

Take use of your free time.

“How can I enjoy life if I am continuously thinking about my ex and have sleep and concentration problems?” you may wonder. So let me ask you a counter-question: “Do you appreciate being in this emotional pit, steadily losing your zest for life?”

Your girlfriend wouldn’t want to see you in a sad state again. It’s not appealing. Only by starting to enjoy your life can you make her regret hurting you.

Similarly, your quick recovery will perplex and excite your ex-boyfriend. So, perhaps it’s time to shift your perspective and resume living a fulfilling life?

Look after yourself.

You are emotionally dependant on your ex as long as you cling on to the past. You set up a setting in which other people have power over your emotions. However, you must reverse the situation. So begin to appreciate what you do and who you are. Don’t put on a front because your ex will see right through it. Instead, do something enjoyable, such as learning to play the guitar, painting, or hiking.

Be kind with yourself and learn to appreciate the inner beauty that your ex overlooked. Your positive qualities will gradually become apparent to those around you. If your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend still refuses to return you, they are unworthy of your affection and will never make you happy. So, why should you spend time with them?

One last point…

You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, and your life isn’t a competition. If your primary goal is to reclaim your ex, the suggestions above will help you get there. But be sure your boyfriend or girlfriend truly loves you and isn’t just hunting for a better option.

Stop wasting time and start living for yourself if you can’t bring your loved one back.

You won’t want to rekindle relationships with people who didn’t respect you in the first place if you start appreciating who you are.


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