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7 Signs Your Boundaries Aren’t Healthy (That Will End Even The Best Relationships)

I’ve seen women hand over their power to men on several occasions. You begin the relationship strong, confident, and with a full life, only to realize months later that you haven’t spoken to your friends in months and that your entire existence revolves around supporting the man in your life.

You’re guilty of having unhealthy relationship boundaries, and it’s starting to effect your entire life.

Boundaries are beneficial because they operate as a “fence” to keep your property safe. When you establish appropriate boundaries and keep to them, you have more freedom to make better romantic decisions.

Another benefit of knowing how to set healthy boundaries is that it makes it easier to spot others who take personal responsibility and respect themselves, making it simpler to find and keep the ideal partner.

Many of the women I work with come to me with a history of unhappiness and dissatisfaction in previous relationships. We eventually discover that they compromised too much to escape being alone at some point.

7 Signs Your Boundaries Aren’t Healthy (That Will Kill Even The Best Relationships)

  • You rearrange your life to accommodate a man’s timetable.
  • You give up to everything that goes against your ideals.
  • You accept less than you know you truly require or desire.
  • You persist in a relationship that has beyond its expiration date.
  • You suffocate your date with excessive demands or control.
  • You return to a relationship you already know is finished.
  • You get into a relationship to keep from being lonely.

All of these have happened to me at some point during my lifetime of dating and relationships. I went completely over heals in love in one relationship many years ago and found myself in category 3. He was beautiful, charming, and passionate… yet he had been divorced four times, was emotionally unavailable, and still had feelings for his previous wife.

It was extremely aggravating because we had such a genuine, deep connection, but he kept (emotionally) entering and exiting the relationship. He’d go all in, then back out again.

I wanted and needed his whole attention and dedication, but I kept settling for his forgiveness in the hopes that he would change.

After a year of this, I finally stood up and ended the relationship to honor myself.

Of get started on the path to honoring yourself, toss out the list of ideal partners you have.

It most likely looks like this. Athletic, perfect figure, powerful leader, wealthy, ambitious, entertaining, humorous, and intelligent… I’ve never met someone who got divorced or broke up with their relationship because they weren’t witty enough!

Instead, I’d like you to get clear on your preferences and the characteristics of your perfect spouse. The way they treat themselves, you, and others is an example of a character feature. Do they treat waiters as if they were servants, or do they treat everyone with dignity and equality?

Your shared interests, aspirations, and beliefs are your preferences. Consider what you could live with in another person as well as what you couldn’t live without while making your list.

I realized, just as in my previous relationship, that I couldn’t live without a man who was emotionally ready for a relationship. Look for hints in your past or current relationships.


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