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An Ancient Egyptian Healing Method That Relieves Anxiety and Stress From Within

Seichem healing is an ancient Egyptian and Middle Eastern technique for energy healing. It existed long before Reiki and before the 1980s era of modern practitioners who were instrumental in bringing Seichem therapy to the Western world.

All of the terms Seichem, Seichim, and SKHM relate to the same energy. The variations in names arose from the fact that different people spelled it differently.

Because I offer and teach Sekhem-Seichim Reiki, I use Seichim.

Seichem, while not as well-known as Reiki, is a useful practice for reducing stress, increasing relaxation, and assisting in the discovery of serenity.

They’re especially effective when used jointly.

What is the potential of Seichem energy?

All energy healing therapies use universal life force energy to access and harness it for healing, wellness, and spiritual purposes. They may refer to it by various names, such as “source” or “everything that exists,” but it is the same energy.

Life force consists of an endless number and diversity of frequencies that range from low dense matter frequencies to ultra-high and light waves of the higher realms — mystical, angelic, and so on.

Reiki and Seichem both come into this category.

Each subtle energy healing treatment uses a different frequency of the same life force energy, but they all have their own personality and therapeutic properties.

Seichem healing is concentrated on the heart.

This is a useful feature, but it is not unique. Because the heart is so important in the formation of coherence, balance, healing, and connection, many therapies are heart-centered.

Seichem, on the other hand, has more differentiating characteristics, such as the potential to promote practitioner and client access to mysterial realms, greater purpose, and archetypal aspects of love and the divine feminine.

Seichem also helps with deep cleansing, such as the painless discharge of trauma without the need to relive the original traumatic experiences.

Seichem and Sekhmet are two Egyptian gods.

Many people are drawn to Seichem because of its connection to Sekhmet, a strong Egyptian goddess with a lion’s head.

In fact, she’s on par with Kali from India and Pele from Hawaii. All three are powerful creators and destroyers. Sekhmet’s name literally means “powerful one.”

Working with Sekhmet and her energy improves energetic experiences, intuitive perception, and healing and transformation potency and speed.

Reiki Sekhem-Seichim Seichem Healing (SSR)

Sekhem-Seichim Reiki (SSR) combines Seichem and Seichim energies with Usui Reiki to greatly enhance the Reiki experience and healing power.

Seichem, for example, promotes the extension and deepening of the core light column, as well as deeper clearing and more access to love.

When I’m practicing, I’ll often notice a fullness or centering in my heart center without consciously focusing on it.

Sekhem, on the other hand, adds attributes of universal oneness, integration, harmony, and serenity to the table. When I engage with this energy in a therapeutic session, meditation, or via movement and dance, it sometimes feels as if boundaries are dissolving.

As the boundaries are broken down, a sense of connectedness rather than vulnerability emerges.

SSR results in a more rapid and powerful healing. It also provides additional assistance with vision work, spiritual investigation, and the resolution of long-standing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual concerns.

Seichem and Reiki work together to create a potent combination.

In my work with Seichem and Reiki energies, I’ve found a few variances. In a nutshell, Seichem energy is heavier and more powerful than Reiki.

Seichem, in contrast to Reiki, breaks down energy blocks. The sensation isn’t frightening or unpleasant, but rather immediate and total. The blocks simply vanish.

In addition, I think that the healing process is taking on more emotional characteristics.

Both are entire systems in and of themselves, and I notice some tremendous complementing traits between these energies when they are used together.


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