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How can I block robocalls and spam calls?


We’ve all experienced it. The agonizing sight of an unfamiliar phone number and the agonizing decision of whether or not to answer it. You’re unlikely to do so, and with good cause. According to the Federal Communications Commission, Americans will receive approximately four billion robocalls every month in 2020. According to the FCC, advances in … Read more

Is there life on Mars?


The Curiosity rover from NASA has discovered a ‘doorway’ on Mars. A snapshot taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover appears to show a portal into the Martian underworld (or maybe a Martian house). According to Gizmodo, on May 7, Curiosity took a B&W image with its Mastcam that, according to conspiracy theorists’ hopes, is almost probably … Read more

Is Daily Marijuana Use Harmful?


According to a study, it can impair decision-making and concentration long after intoxication. What are the negative consequences of regular marijuana use, if any? According to MedicalXpress, cannabis usage can cause mild to significant acute cognitive deficits that can remain after the period of intoxication, according to a comprehensive analysis published Wednesday in the journal … Read more

Learn the truth about the love hormone oxytocin


For a long time, it was assumed that oxytocin (also known as the “love hormone”) was directly responsible for human experiences of empathy, trust, and happiness. However, recent research suggests that this is an oversimplification of how oxytocin works, and that it actually clarifies existing feelings. This could have ramifications for how oxytocin is used … Read more

5 Symptoms Of A Toxic, Passive-Aggressive Individual


We’re all pretty excellent at detecting people who are blatantly pushy. While being insulted, criticized, or belittled does not feel nice, at least you know why you are hurting. But there are moments when the people around us, including our immediate relatives, acquaintances, and coworkers, make us feel uneasy for no apparent reason. For example, … Read more

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