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How to clean a coffee maker while maintaining the quality of your coffee


That first cup of Joe, oh, that first cup of Joe. It’s a morning habit that some of us just can’t live without. Coffee is also the ideal pick-me-up for many folks throughout the day. We take coffee breaks at our coffee tables, enjoying Espressos, Macchiatos, Lattes, and Cappuccinos painstakingly made on state-of-the-art coffee machines … Read more

Why are so many Americans still abandoning their jobs?


Despite mounting economic worries, the Great Resignation triggered by the epidemic is still underway, with a near-record high of 4.4 million Americans departing in April. One expert explains the logic for the ongoing reshuffle and cautions that labor shortages are likely to continue for a long time. After 25 years in the field, Julie Bauke, … Read more

Is the US economy on the verge of a downturn? Yes, according to the Fed’s GDP tracker.

us economy

As the Federal Reserve seeks to contain the worst inflation in almost four decades, Wall Street is on the lookout for indicators of an impending economic slump, and one indicator suggested a dip may be on the way this week. The Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank’s carefully watched indicator implies the economy may be on the … Read more

Is Eating a Brown Avocado Safe? This is what a food scientist has to say about it.


I’ll confess that I’ve seen a lot of mushy, browning avocados in my time. Although our initial inclination may be to toss it away, doing so might be a tremendous (wasteful) error, since not all brown avocados are harmful. In truth, the majority of them are entirely safe to consume and aren’t always a sign … Read more

How to Prune Tomato Plants Like a Professional ?


You have the ability to develop your own path. We’ll be playing in the vegetable garden throughout spring and summer; join us for step-by-step tutorials, highly suggested equipment, backyard tours, juicy-ripe recipes, and more. Let’s get our hands filthy, shall we? Pruning your tomato plants is one of the three most critical duties for a … Read more

What you need to know about the Heartland virus, a new tick-borne illness that’s sweeping the Midwest and South


Heartland virus disease is a tick-borne disease that was first identified in 2009.In the American South and Midwest, the virus is carried by the lone star tick. Although little is known about this new illness, doctors are attempting to keep a close eye on ticks. Dr. Scott Folk treated two patients in western Missouri in … Read more

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