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What Is The Difference Between Loving And Being In Love With Someone?


Love is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days. Many people confuse being in love with loving someone. Attraction, infatuation, obsession, or possession are all aspects of love. What is the difference between loving and being in love with someone? We meet someone attractive and spend time with them, holding hands, hugging, … Read more

What to Do If a Family Member Is Toxic?


Many of us have a member of our family who makes us feel uneasy everytime we visit them. Perhaps they make comments about our appearance, try to manipulate us to obtain what they want, or are simply entitled people who don’t respect the boundaries of others. That person may be poisonous, but if you have … Read more

11 Psychological Tricks That Will Make Your Ex Feel Bad About Losing You


Pain, bitterness, and humiliation are nearly usually associated with breakups. It can be difficult to live calmly when you are experiencing such depressing emotions unless your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is experiencing at least a fraction of the same feelings. And the greatest way to exact this modest retaliation is to make them regret leaving. Is … Read more

7 Signs Your Boundaries Aren’t Healthy (That Will End Even The Best Relationships)


I’ve seen women hand over their power to men on several occasions. You begin the relationship strong, confident, and with a full life, only to realize months later that you haven’t spoken to your friends in months and that your entire existence revolves around supporting the man in your life. You’re guilty of having unhealthy … Read more

Most people miss four less obvious signs of gaslighting.


A narcissistic individual’s personality is distinct from that of a mentally healthy person, whether or not they may be professionally diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). People with narcissistic personality traits are often more archaic, driven solely by self-interest, and lacking in basic human virtues like integrity, empathy, and compassion. Their inner impulses are profoundly … Read more

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