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Do you happen to have some $200 quarters lying around? It’s Worth Examining Your Change

It has nothing to do with inflation, but a single quarter may be worth more than $200.

A unusual quarter minted in the year 2000 with a mistake on it was sold for $216 on eBay, according to the US Sun. The coin is part of the New Hampshire state Washington quarters series, but it was struck on a Jefferson nickel.

However, according to the United States Sun, that isn’t the most expensive rare coin. According to USA Coin Book, rare 1932 Washington quarters can get as much as $13,573. Coins have the highest resale value due to errors and limited mintages, according to The United States Sun.

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Error coins, like as the $216 Washington quarter, are also referred to as double denominations or “planchet” faults. This is because the error arises during the minting of a blank coin (a “planchet”). According to the United States Sun, errors can occur when the incorrect planchet is inserted into the minting press, or when the equipment contains dies of multiple denominations, causing a mix-up.

If you dump your spare change into a jar, bowl, or piggy bank at home, it may be worthwhile to look through your money to check if you have any valuable coins. If you don’t have a designated spot for spare change, look behind your couch cushions, in your car, and anyplace else change might accumulate.

When looking for rare coins, seek for any that seem uncommon, such as a design you’ve never seen before, a printing error that looks “strange,” or a coin with the wrong denomination printed on it. Remember to check both sides.

Then, on eBay, search for the coin’s complete name and year, choose “sold” goods, and sort the results by “highest value” first. You can sell it on eBay or a variety of other online markets if you locate a winner.


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