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How to I espn activate ?

What is the best way to activate my various subscriptions?

After you have signed up for the Disney package, you will be automatically signed up for Disney+ and ESPN+, and you will be able to begin streaming soon after that.

Hulu is being activated.

Following your purchase, you have three options for activating Hulu:*

  • On the confirmation screen for the Disney bundle purchase, click on the link to activate Hulu that is provided.
  • Following your purchase, you will receive an email with detailed instructions. To activate Hulu, simply click on the URL provided in the email.
  • To find out more about your account, click on the Profile symbol and then on the Billing Details link.
  • To access Hulu, look for the Hulu logo under My Services and select Stream Now to get started.

*If you already have a Hulu membership, you won’t have to do anything to get Hulu started.

ESPN+ is available for streaming.

Following your purchase of ESPN+, you can stream the service in a variety of ways:

Sign into your ESPN account by going to and selecting Account Settings in the top right corner. Use the same credentials that you used to sign into Disney+.

Navigate to your Account from your Profile symbol on and then click on the Billing Details link to view the billing information. To access ESPN+, locate the ESPN+ logo under My Services and select Stream Now from the drop-down menu. To log into your ESPN+ account, you will need the same credentials that you use to go into your Disney+ account.

On use the ESPN app, you must first download it to your device and then input your credentials there. Instructions on how to download and set up your devices can be found at this location.

If you have any issues or concerns about your Hulu membership, you should contact Hulu directly. If you have any issues, are unable to locate your activation instructions, or require additional assistance, please contact Customer Service through one of the channels listed below.

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