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How to modify your Gmail username?

When sending messages, your email display name might not be the first thing that springs to mind. When you send an email through Gmail, however, the recipient sees your display name followed by an email address and a message. But, like everything else, your name might alter through time. Perhaps you married and now have a new last name, or perhaps you changed jobs and wish to represent a different company. Because your email name is the first thing that appears in the email client, it must be perfect. Whatever your reason for changing your name, it’s simple to do it on Gmail.

What’s the difference between your Gmail username and your email display name?

Let’s clear up some misunderstandings. Your Gmail username and your Gmail name are two separate things. Your Gmail username corresponds to your primary email address. You can’t change your email address if it’s [email protected] There is no method to alter your primary email address across all Google services. However, as seen below, you can modify your Gmail name, or the display name that appears in every email you send using Gmail.

Simply open your email in a browser and hover your mouse over the circular account profile picture in the upper right corner to see your email name and username. For your account, you will see your name (email name) and username (email address). It’s quite straightforward to update your display name.

How to modify your Gmail display name

You must use the web version to update your display name. It is not possible to do so using the app. Making the necessary changes only takes a few steps.

Sign in to Gmail over the web.

In the upper right corner, click the settings gear.

  • Select View all options.
  • Go to the Import and Accounts tab.
  • Select the Send mail as menu and double-check your email address and name.
  • Choose the Edit Info option. This action will open a new window where you can edit your email address information.
  • Select the radio option next to the empty box and enter a new name.
  • After pressing the Save Changes button, your new display name will appear.
  • You can update the display name again or revert to the original email name from the same option if you change your mind.

From your Google account, change your Gmail name.

You can also change your Google account display name if Gmail isn’t enough. All Google apps will be affected by the update.

  • Log in with your Google account.
  • From the left sidebar, select Personal information.
  • Choose a name.
  • Click the Save button after changing your first or last name.
  • Keep in mind that the new display name in Gmail and other Google apps may take some time to appear.

Make sure your email address is correct.

Your name, like so many other things, can change with time. Ensure that yours is current so that any emails you send contain the right name. Unfortunately, you have no choice except to register a new Google account if you wish to alter your email address. When using multiple Google accounts on Android and the web, make sure your primary Google account is configured as the default.


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