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In the search for a journalist, possible human remains were discovered.

In their hunt for UK journalist Dom Phillips and indigenous specialist Bruno Pereira, Brazilian authorities discovered potential human remains.

Experts will examine the “organic stuff” discovered in a river near the isolated Amazon rainforest town of Atalaia do Norte, according to the police.

On Sunday, the two went missing while on a reporting trip by boat.

Blood traces discovered on a boat belonging to a detained fisherman will also be analyzed.

Both men have been threatened, according to indigenous organizations, for their work in the area, which has experienced illicit fishing, forestry, mining, and drug trafficking.

According to the AFP news agency, Brazilian police have expressed optimism that the two men will be found alive, but have not ruled out the possibility of a different ending.

Mr Pereira, 41, and Mr Phillips, 57, who has written for the Guardian and the Washington Post, are both seasoned travelers who meticulously planned their excursions. They had a new boat and lots of gasoline, according to reports.

Sian Phillips, the journalist’s sister, called on the British government to put pressure on the Brazilian government to locate the two men in London.

“We’d want to know what’s going on with them, and we’d like to see whomever is guilty for any illegal acts brought to justice. We want a long-term, thorough, and transparent inquiry “she said

Blood traces were discovered on the boat of local fisherman Amarildo da Costa, also known as “Pelado,” who was detained at Atalaia do Norte. He is accused of illegally possessing prohibited ammunition.

He was one of the last individuals to see Mr Pereira and Mr Phillips, according to police.

Davi Oliveira, a lawyer representing the fisherman, told Reuters that his client was not involved in the two men’s disappearance. According to the news agency, the same lawyer has subsequently left the case.

In connection with the men’s disappearance, six additional persons have been questioned.

The hunt has enlisted the help of roughly 250 security personnel, up from about a dozen in the early days. Divers and jungle terrain specialists are among them. Two helicopters, as well as more than a dozen boats and drones, are also being employed.

The Brazilian government has been chastised for failing to move quickly enough to locate the guys.


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