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People who know how to make friends share seven strong communication skills.

It can be tough to make new friends as an adult. Communication and connection should be simple with the convenience of connecting through social media, but it often feels more difficult than ever.

You could wish to learn some communication skills from people who are socially well-connected and find out what their secrets are in order to understand how to make friends.

While some people are inherently gregarious and find themselves socially engaged with little effort, it takes some effort for the majority of us to feel genuinely integrated into a social environment.

Fortunately, social success follows predictable patterns. People will be drawn to you if you do specific things.

People who know how to make friends share seven strong communication skills.

They prioritize quality above quantity.

People who feel socially linked may have a thousand Facebook friends and even more Twitter and Instagram followers, but they know this isn’t the center of their social circle. In other words, they are aware that the majority of their social media pals are at best acquaintances.

While having a large number of acquaintances is certainly not a bad thing, socially successful people recognize that acquaintances must eventually develop into true friends if they want to feel properly connected to their buddy group. They never compromise on quality in favor of quantity.

They value face-to-face communication.

Most socially connected people understand that maintaining relationships takes effort, and one of those efforts includes seeing other people in person.

While in-person encounters may appear to be less efficient than internet or phone interactions, socially successful people recognize the benefits of in-person communication. It’s how you start seeing people for who they are.

They collaborate.

It’s critical to feel seen by those around you if you want to feel socially connected. However, in order to feel noticed, you must allow others to come to know you.

People that are socially connected recognize this and are eager to share at least snippets of personal information with others. This does not entail over-sharing with complete strangers; rather, it means exposing oneself to individuals you want to feel close to.

They pay attention.

While introverts typically struggle to feel as socially connected as extroverts, it’s far from certain that the most outgoing person in the room is also the most socially connected.

He may attract a lot of attention, but if an extrovert can’t learn something about the people around him by calmly listening to them, they won’t feel particularly close to him.

People want to be with you when you listen to them, and wanting to be near each other is the essence of feeling connected.

They are inquisitive.

People who are socially connected understand that every social engagement is ultimately about exhibiting interest in one another. You’ll come off as aloof, cold, and potentially rude if you don’t act interested in those around you.

By far the simplest method to show interest in others is to ask them questions. “What do you do for a living?” is a question that the most socially successful people ask. They also pose more subjective questions, such as, “How do you like what you do for work?”

When these two sorts of inquiries are used together, they increase feelings of togetherness.

They are aware of previous discrepancies.

It’s certain that you’ll discover some distinctions between you and those around you as you learn more about them through listening and asking questions. Differences will occur in politics, religion, and lifestyle choices.

People who are socially linked recognize that no one will be, act, or look exactly like them, so they make an effort not to allow differences get in the way of their bonding.

They recognize that we are all, at our core, human beings who can naturally relate to one another.

They are unconcerned with rejection.

It’s natural to be afraid of rejection when joining a new social circle or meeting someone you admire. People who are socially linked make the jump that, while they may sense fear, they do not worry about it.

In other words, they don’t let their dread morph into a fruitless contemplation on all the things that could go wrong.

Instead, they choose the individuals they want to be close to and enter those relationships fearlessly, despite any anxieties that may occur.

These seven socially connected people’s behaviors are simple and easy to implement right away. Choose the one that you believe will have the greatest impact on your social life and give it a shot!


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