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So Many Home Chefs Are Afraid Of This Kitchen Gadget

When you think about it, the kitchen can be quite frightening. The normal cooking room is replete with sharp pointy utensils, loud machinery, and devices that release heat, making it not for the faint of heart. The kitchen might feel like a scary place, whether you’re afraid of your pressure cooker popping its lid, your deep fryer erupting into flames, or your garburator chomping on your hand. A little knife slip might cost you a lot of money.

And your apprehensions are well-founded. According to the Beaumont Emergency Hospital in Texas, approximately 66 percent of house fires start in the kitchen, resulting in 480 deaths every year and “350,000 knife injuries.” According to New Yorker Bagels, 2,000 people cut themselves trying to cut a bagel in a single year. Furthermore, many of our non-stick surfaces include chemicals that might harm your liver, cause cancer, and induce infertility (per Cooking Light). Even our seemingly harmless cutting boards are dangerous. After all, many occurrences of food poisoning are caused by cross-contamination, which is frequently caused by inadequately cleaned cutting surfaces.

Yes, your kitchen is the beating heart of your home, your classic “happy place,” but let’s be honest: if you’re not careful, it can also be a den of danger. And if you have one of these tools in your kitchen, you may be able to frighten even the most hardened professional cooks away — yikes! But what technology could possible frighten even the most seasoned professionals?

Chef Jet Tila recently revealed what he considers to be the scariest cooking utensil on Food Network’s TikTok. As the camera pans on a reluctant hand slicing an apple with a — wait for it — mandoline, Tila says, “Show this to a chef to truly send a chill down his spine.” Yes, this plane-like cutting utensil appears to be ripe for an accident, and commenters agree. With responses like “every chef has the scar,” “this makes me queasy,” and other people admitting to slicing their digits with this harsh tool, the mandoline appears to have earned its image as a very scary article.

MyRecipes concurs, ranking the mandoline first on their list of the Six Most Dangerous Kitchen Tools, stating, “Don’t go out and get one. If one is provided, refuse it.” Bravo TV agrees, stating that the blade’s razor-sharp edge “may easily slice through your palm.” When it comes to this device, many Redditors have learned a cooking lesson the hard way.

You’ve probably seen these ominous-looking contraptions on the occasional cooking show, so it might come as a surprise to find that many chefs avoid using them. How do these TV personalities utilize it so deftly without losing a limb?

Using a mandoline while wearing the guard

While many readers would instinctively say, “Use the slicing guard,” many mandoline users find that they don’t hold food well and are difficult to use (per Taste of Home). Using something that is inconvenient surely beats losing a finger. You don’t want to have to learn this lesson the hard way, so get used to using the mandoline’s built-in safety feature. Cooking Light suggests practicing with the mandoline by slicing cucumbers or zucchini, which are easy to slice. Instead of pulling, “push the food across the blade with your palm or guard,” and only cut one end of the vegetable so you have something to hold. Taste of Home also recommends investing in a pair of cut-resistant gloves.

This slicer isn’t feared by all chefs; in fact, it’s the one kitchen equipment Samin Norsat can’t live without. If you’ve always wanted to master this fearsome piece of equipment, perhaps these safety precautions can keep your hand safe. No one can blame you if you’re still wary of this ferocious device that even Chef Tila is afraid of. It’s likely that you’ve gotten connected to your fingers and want to maintain them that way.


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