A 550-pound alligator takes a swim in a Florida family's pool.

A colossal alligator in Florida got an early start on the summer by diving into a family's pool.

According to a Facebook post from the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office, a family in Deep Creek, Florida, was awoken by "loud noises" in the early hours of Monday morning.

When they went to investigate, they discovered an unexpected visitor: a massive alligator that weighed roughly 550 pounds and measured nearly 11 feet long.

The sheriff's office stated, "He tore through the screen to get to the pleasant, cool water."

Such encounters with alligators are not unusual, according to Sergeant Brad Stender, especially during the alligators' mating season in the spring and summer

 however this gator stood out for its gigantic size. "This thing was a monster," Stender remarked. "It was massive."

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