After you die, Your Eyeballs Do The Most Disturbing Thing

"If you look death in the eye and death blinks first, nothing seems impossible," Rick Yancey once stated (per The Guardian). But what if you first blink?

One can only ward off the reaper's terrifying glance for so long in the existential stare-down between life and death.

You will blink before he does one day, and your eyes will close forever on that day.

However, they may behave strangely before they do so. Your eyes, after the brain, are the second-most complicated organ in your body, according to Hex Armor.

 Your eyes are responsible for around 85 percent of your entire knowledge, and they process up to 24 million different images throughout your life.

We know all of these facts about the working eye, but what about the non-functioning eye? 

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