Next year, Apple may finally accomplish the inconceivable.

Anyone who owns an iPhone or literally any other non-Apple gadget has had a nightmare for years, and it may soon be over.

Apple has been internally testing iPhones that do away with the company's iconic Lightning charging connector in favour of USB-C, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

 In layman's terms, USB-C is a newer, speedier version of USB featuring an oval-shaped port that, unlike prior USB variations, cannot be inserted incorrectly.

It's fast become the standard on almost any non-Apple phone, as well as Apple's own Mac and iPad products.

If you keep up with technology at all, the advantages of such a transformation are vast and obvious. By sticking with Lightning for so long, Apple has effectively isolated iPhones. 

 By switching to USB-C, you'll be able to charge numerous phones, computers, video game controllers, tablets, and other devices with the same charger.

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