Bars in NYC airports may no longer charge you $27 for a beer.

A Brooklyn man went viral last August after tweeting a photo from a LaGuardia Airport restaurant where a single glass of Sam Adams Summer Ale Draught beer cost $27.85.

The rest of the restaurant's menu had similarly shocking pricing displayed beside them, with a $13.05 Michelob Ultra being the "discount" option.

Cooper Lund told The City shortly after snapping that photo, "It's simply Sam Adams Summer Ale." "You're mad."

" A second visitor tweeted a photo of a $10.90 portion of French fries available at Newark Liberty International Airport, and the Port Authority of New York 

According to, the OIG concluded its investigation and discovered that 25 consumers were charged between $23 and $27 for a beverage last summer

an amount officials called "absolutely unacceptable" — and they were all given refunds.

Apple might just do the inconceivable.

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