Best Cities to Retire in on a Monthly Budget of $1,500

Lansing, Michigan's state capital, has the highest average monthly rent among the cities on the list at $701.

Retirees in Lawton should expect to spend a lot of money on healthcare. The average monthly cost of $660.52 is greater than the affordable rent of $519.

It's one of three cities on the list with an average monthly rent under $600 but healthcare expenditures exceeding $500.

The cheapest monthly healthcare costs are in St. Cloud, about one hour northwest of Minneapolis, with an average of $444.71.

Rent is $634 per month on average, but healthcare is $453.83 per month, the second-lowest rate in the research.

Oil rigs, Friday night high school football, and a working re-creation of William Shakespeare's Globe Theatre are all attractions in Odessa, Texas.

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