Burger King is celebrating their 50th anniversary by giving away free Whopper Jrs.

Although free sounds appealing, you won't be able to simply stroll into a Burger King, grab a Whopper Jr from the kitchen, and walk out

There are a few guidelines to follow in order to receive the free treat. 

 Only members of Burger King's Royal Perks club are eligible for the Whopper Jr., according to a press statement released by Business Wire.

Furthermore, the burger is only free if you spend at least $1 at your local Burger King, so bring your cash.

You may join the chain's Royal Perks programme via its app or website, and you can also get your free burger that way. Alternatively, you may just stroll into a store and claim it

 Burger King is also offering a limited-edition crown created in collaboration with artist Romero Britto, in addition to the complimentary burger. 

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