Coca-Cola Bottles with Attached Caps are on the market.

The Coca-Cola Company issued a statement regarding the environmental impact of "lost" bottle caps, which are those that are removed from their bottles and end up as litter or rubbish.

"All of Coca-bottles, Cola's including the tops, have been 100 percent recyclable for many years," the corporation claims, "although not all are recycled."

When the cap is left on, both the bottle and the cap are thrown into the recycling bin at the same time.

This helps to increase recycling while also reducing littering. It also ensures that you never misplace the cap again!

Coca-World Cola's Without Waste mission continues with the connected caps. 

With the exception of caps and labels, the company met its target of using 100 percent recycled plastic for all bottles 500 mL and under by 2021.

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