Disneyland apologises when a 'evil' employee snatches the ring and walks away, ruining the proposal.

A vacation to Disneyland could sound like the ideal place to propose to your loved one if you're a Disney enthusiast.

 However, a 'evil' employee at Disneyland Paris destroyed one couple's big golden moment.

At first, the proposal seemed to be going swimmingly, with a viral video showing the man getting down on one knee and proposing with the castle properly framed in the background.

However, as he raises the ring, a Disney employee dashes over and takes the box from the man's grasp.

'Yes, that's fine, but over here will be even better,' the Disneyland official says as he removes the ring from the man's hands and escorts the couple off the platform and down to a metal fence.

After the fairytale proposal was abruptly ended, onlookers could be heard booing.

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