Pharmaceutical medicines have been found in fish off the coast of Florida.

According to a new study, bonefish off the coast of Florida tested positive for a cocktail of pharmaceutical pharmaceuticals, including anti-depressants and blood pressure meds.

According to a news release from the university, the three-year study was performed by researchers at Florida International University

and the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (BTT), a Miami-based charity dedicated to bonefish and tarpon conservation.

Bonefish may be found in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, while tarpons can be found in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Since the study began in 2018, researchers have taken blood and tissue samples from 93 bonefish in Biscayne Bay and the Florida Keys. According to the press release

each bonefish contained an average of seven drugs, including blood pressure medications, antidepressants, prostate treatment medications, antibiotics, and pain relievers.

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