Antibody Boost From the Fourth COVID Vaccine is 'Substantial,' according to a study.

The researchers wanted to look into the fourth dose's reactogenicity and immunogenicity, as well as its safety,

with a focus on those who had previously been vaccinated with Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines and received the Pfizer vaccine as a booster. 

In total, 166 participants took part in the Cov-Boost trial in the United Kingdom. 

As their fourth dose, half of them received the full Pfizer vaccine, while the other half received half of the Moderna vaccine.

The team reviewed the reports from 133 participants 14 days after they received their fourth jab after gathering data from them. 

 Participants who received the full dose of the Pfizer vaccination had a 1.6-fold increase in antibodies, whereas those who received the half-dose Moderna vaccine had a two-fold increase. 

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