How to Boost Your Wi-Fi by Connecting Two Routers

What Are the Advantages of Linking Two Routers?Although installing a Wi-Fi extension is often easier, the benefits of adding a second router are undeniable. 

Because it's hardwired via an Ethernet connection, adding another router to an existing one outperforms any Wi-Fi extender in terms of performance.

While Wi-Fi extenders collect packets from your network and retransmit them as a signal that your devices can use, wired over wireless offers superior performance

 further justifying this easy method. Here's how to recycle outdated devices while also enhancing your Wi-Fi signal for a successful installation.

Required Parts and ToolsYou'll need a few parts and access to a few things to do this installation. Fortunately, most of these items are probably already in your home.

 The main router, Ethernet wire, second router (to the length desired), A computer and an Internet connection are required.

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