How to clean a coffee maker

That first cup of coffee. Some of us can't function without it in the morning. Coffee is also the perfect pick-me-up for many folks throughout the day.

 We take coffee breaks at our tables, sipping Espressos, Macchiatos, Lattes, and Cappuccinos .

Cleaning a coffee maker traditionally includes running it through a mix of water and vinegar.

However, some people believe that this causes the first few cups of coffee to taste and smell terrible. Denture cleansing pills are a better, scent-free solution.

The antibacterial and alkalizing characteristics of sodium bicarbonate, the principal ingredient in baking soda, a well-known home cleanser, are used in denture tablets. 

The fizziness of the pills cleanses and cleans your machine on a micro level, getting into the hard-to-reach nooks.

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