The Hubble Space Telescope has discovered a new galaxy with enigmatic surrounds.

The majority of elliptical galaxies are located within galactic clusters. However, a new Hubble photograph of galaxy NGC 474 reveals an intriguing sight.

NGC 474 lies in comparatively empty space, rather than being surrounded by galaxy clusters. In addition, the galaxy is encircled by shells.

According to NASA, this could be due to NGC 474 absorbing smaller galaxies. 

 Many people believe this occurred billions of years ago. Nobody knows for sure how these tidal-like shells developed around the galaxy in the end.

Hubble, NASA's space telescope, has discovered some amazing things. For starters, its nearly 30-years of observations have taught us a great deal about the expansion of the cosmos. 

 A recent image acquired by the telescope shows two galaxies locked in a dance. A new photograph, however, provides a stunning view of a galaxy surrounded by shells.

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