In beautiful (and woozy) images from the Juno spacecraft, Jupiter appears to be a whirling globe.

On April 9, NASA's Juno probe sailed just 2,050 miles (3,300 kilometers) above the gas giant's cloud tops, as seen in this sped-up view.

This was Juno's 41st flyby over Jupiter, during which the spacecraft soared at a high speed of 131,000 mph .

"This animated sequence was developed by citizen scientist Andrea Luck using raw JunoCam image data," NASA officials said in a statement on Friday

NASA officials noted in a statement that this is more than seven times faster than the International Space Station orbits Earth and nearly five times fast.

The vivid imagery was made using raw photographs from the JunoCam instrument, which officials uploaded to an image processing gallery.

While Jupiter was Juno's primary objective, NASA authorized an extension of the mission's mandate in January 2021 to focus more closely on the planet's four big moons.

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