Incorporating cannabis throughout my wellness routine completely changed my perspective on health.

I grew up believing that all one needed to do to obtain health and wellness was to drink whole milk and do some jazzercise.

Over the years, my connection with personal health and wellness has changed. I joined the wrestling team in high school.

I started dieting and eating for performance at that point. Physical ability was emphasized, with the goal of getting my body to do the task at hand.

I joined the military at the age of 22 and served as an Apache helicopter pilot after graduating from West Point. 

Physical fitness was an important element of the everyday routine for soldiers. We had strict rules about what we ate and when we worked out, and with good reason.

Because our bodies would be pushed to their limits, the routine helped us maintain some sense of balance and constancy. 

In a nightmare video, a woman catches a creepy plane seatmate photographing her.

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