Insane inmate breaks out of prison

Convicts have triumphed in breaking out of some of the world's most tightly guarded and secure jails with a little luck, talent, inventiveness

and sometimes just plain raw strength on several occasions throughout history.

In 2011, Taliban-built tunnels allowed inmates to flee Sarposa prison. According to Time, more than 480 people found their way to freedom.

The Maze Prison was designed to be impenetrable. However, in 1983, an astounding 38 inmates managed to escape out of this strictest security jail in Ireland, using smuggled weapons 

T.J. Lane, a 19-year-old who was imprisoned for murdering three of his classmates after a school shooting in 2012, escaped using an improvised ladder from a medium-security prison.

These two cleverly escaped from a maximum-security jail, only to vanish without a trace. They stuffed their beds with soap wax to make it appear as if their bodies were present.

Melanie Pillman has passed away.

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