Inside China's secret Uyghur incarceration system, a hacker, a researcher, and hundreds of images

Rahile Omer's angular face is expressionless as she stares at the camera. The sole sign of emotion is in her eyes.

China's extensive surveillance apparatus in Xinjiang province has detected her.

It looks for "micro-clues" that officials consider suspicious among Uyghurs, a Muslim ethnic group, and other minority groups. 

 Rahile has been classified as a "Type 12 person," meaning he is linked to an ongoing police investigation. 

After being imprisoned in 2017, the girl's father, who was likewise classified as a "Type 12 person," was transferred to a "re-education" camp.

An official's digital camera has now caught Rahile's mug shot. Her name, along with the names of thousands of other people, is entered into a spreadsheet.

'You're So Quiet!' I said.

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