Is it possible to see who looks at your Instagram profile?

Users on Instagram are unable to see who has viewed their profile. So if you look through someone's profile and don't like or comment on a post

 they have no means of knowing who is looking at their photos. According to Reggie Azevedo Filho, who works for the social media management company Traject Social 

(here's how to block someone on Facebook Messenger, by the way), "users are unable to know who has viewed their profiles regardless of the type of profile they own

personal, business, or creator." This applies to both account holders and non-account holders who use the web to browse Instagram in public.

According to Alex Heid, Chief Research and Development Officer at SecurityScorecard, Instagram Business accounts will disclose statistics regarding traffic volume but not specific profile information.

 According to an Instagram official, business accounts particularly indicate the number of individuals who visited your profile in the last seven days

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