Is it True That Washing Your Hair Every Day Is Bad For You?

You're not alone if you've ever questioned how often you should shampoo your hair. While many people prefer to wash every day,

others believe that washing every few days is the ideal option. However, we are still left with the million-dollar question of how much is too much.

To address that question, we must first comprehend what occurs when you wash your hair. 

The surfactants in the shampoo mix with water as you create up a lather in your tresses, cleaning debris and oils from your hair (via Byrdie). 

Although having clean hair is always a wonderful thing, there is such a thing as over-shampooing. Your locks contain a population of bacteria known as a microbiome

 which can be disrupted by regular shampooing. Split ends, breakage, and dull hair may result as a result of this.

Why is bread consumption such a contentious topic?

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