A mother in Washington saves her toddler by racing to hug a black bear.

Before her toddler could administer a bear hug, a mother in Washington state dashed between a cub and her own child.

 Washington, followed her two-year-old daughter Juniper outdoors on Thursday after she managed to sneak out the patio door.

Martin can be seen on video pleading with the toddler to return inside before turning a corner and seeing her daughter dash toward a black bear cub.

She pointed to the bear and yelled at it before sprinting toward it. I just frightened as it started rushing across the fence and she chased it "Martin remarked.

A home security camera captured a fleeting glimpse of the bear cub as it ran along the Martins' garden fence during the hazardous encounter with nature.

After damaging the family's bird feeder, the newborn bear was munching on birdseed.

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