Laura Robson, an Olympic silver medallist in tennis, has announced her retirement.

Laura Robson, who won junior Wimbledon at 14 and an Olympic silver medal at 18 after three hip surgeries, has announced her retirement from tennis.

In July 2018, Robson had her first hip surgery and returned to the court in the spring of 2019. She was still in discomfort, so she went under the knife again in December.

Robson began training in December of last year, but in January 2022, he was forced to return to the operating table for the third time. As a result, she has decided to retire from her profession.

'I went through every possibility of recovery and decided to withdraw from the sport,' Robson told BBC Sport about her choice.

'I had another hip surgery and had arguably the best rehab block of my life - I went to all of the best specialists 

and worked with some incredible people just to get back on the court - and then the second time I hit, I just knew.'
'It feels strange to say, but I'm done, I'm retiring.'

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