Melanie Pillman has passed away.

At the time of Brian Pillman's death in 1997, Melanie was married to him. Pillman Jr. shared many details about his relationship with his mother on Instagram

"My mother, Melanie Pillman, was pronounced dead yesterday about 1:00 p.m.

Those of you who know our family history know that I didn't have the best connection with my mother, though my sister and I had recently contacted her to try to mend things.

While I didn't spend much time with her, she was always watching my twitch shows and interacting with my viewers, frequently giving old anecdotes about my father and the wrestling industry.

Her death was unexpected, but not unexpected. Her lifestyle choices, which had dominated the last quarter-century of her life, had now caught up with her.

She was as gorgeous as she was intellectual, and her dark sense of humour could make even the most prude chuckle.

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