My Son's Plump Wife Is Fighting a Food War

I'm looking for advise on how to handle a parenting disagreement between my daughter "Kate" and daughter-in-law "Tammy" that occurs every time our family comes together.

 My husband and I, as well as our two children, are fortunate to be slender and never have to worry about what we eat. 

Our daughter married a very athletic man and had three children.

 Their family is quite active and places a strong focus on healthy eating, with cake, soda, and other treats reserved for special occasions. 

 Instead of joining the weight-loss bandwagon, our son married a somewhat chubby woman who acquired a significant amount of weight after their two children .

Tammy carries sweets, snacks, and fast food with her wherever she goes for herself and her children, who are already significantly overweight despite being active.

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