Netflix has changed dramatically, and you probably didn't notice.

Although it isn't exactly a "great reset," a series of events has resulted in a substantial shift for the world's largest streaming service.

 Partly as a result of confronting more capable streaming rivals than ever, the firm is preparing an ad-supported tier and laying off personnel. 

 Meanwhile, subscribers have become increasingly vocal about their dissatisfaction with price rises. A crackdown on password sharing is also on the way

and trash titles (such as bad reality series) are more common than ever on the platform. Over the last few years, Netflix movies have been rapidly disappearing off the service.

In reality, the extent to which Netflix has reduced its movie catalogue may surprise you.

 What's On Netflix conducted an examination of Netflix movies in the United States, which discovered, among other things, that there were 4,751 films available to stream in May 2015.

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