The last public payphone in Manhattan has been removed.

The last operating public street payphone in New York City was removed from a Manhattan sidewalk on Monday morning, signalling the "end of the payphone era

At Seventh Avenue and W. 50th Street, just south of Times Square, the last payphone was ceremoniously removed with a crane shortly after 10 a.m.

Officials reported it was the city's last remaining public payphone. There are still four permanent "Superman" phonebooths and four privately owned payphones.

The city's top technology officer, Matthew Fraser, Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine, and Councilmember Gale Brewer were among those present for the payphone's decommissioning.

Payphones were once common on city streets, but with the introduction of cellphones and LinkNYC, they have become useless.

Eight years ago, there were around 8,400 payphones throughout the city.

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