On an iPhone, here's how to hide apps.

To begin, tap and hold an app while dragging it on top of another app to form a folder. You can now exit the app once you see that the folder has been created. 

You can add as many programmes as you wish to the folder. Your phone will name the folder for you, but you may alter it after you create it by clicking on the text above the folder.

Now drag the app you wish to hide inside the newly formed folder. Just like you did in the previous step to create the folder, tap and hold the app to drag it into the new one.

Drag any other apps into the folder if you wish to conceal more than one programme.

After that, open the folder and hold down the programme you wish to hide. Drag it to the right side of the folder while keeping your finger on it.

 A new folder page will be generated, and your programme will be moved there. To keep the app on the second page of the folder, release it.

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