On board United Airlines, credit and debit cards are no longer accepted.

After a pandemic-induced hiatus between 2020 and 2021, I, like many others, have resumed flying. 

I recently travelled on United Airlines and was surprised to hear that credit and debit cards are no longer accepted on board.

They also don't accept cash, which isn't especially shocking. Many businesses are encouraging their consumers to utilise cards and mobile payments because of concerns about germs

as well as other factors including speed, convenience, loss, theft, and even a national coin scarcity. For example, most big stadiums have gone cashless.

United, on the other hand, is taking the idea a step further by refusing to accept cards or mobile payments for onboard goods like drinks and snacks

 Preloading a credit or debit card into your United account is the only option to purchase these things on most United flights.

I have a strong need for speed.

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