People are cracking up over a cat's hilarious attempt to scare her mother.

Who says cats don't enjoy a good game? Cats are especially playful, whether they're playing with their cat toys or batting around objects around the house.

Alternatively, your pet could be like Banjo, a TikTok cat that went famous while attempting to fool her mother. 

In the video's caption, the TikTok developer remarked, "Spooky terrifying!"

TikTok creator @honkhonktiddiebitch captured the whole thing on camera and uploaded it. The video captures the TikTok founder as she prepares to turn a bend in her home. 

She may be heard off-screen saying, "I definitely hope no one is trying to terrify me while I leave the bathroom."

She then focuses her attention on a pair of eyes that are hidden around the corner. That doesn't appear to be the case. You'll have to keep an eye on it to see what happens, but it's adorable!

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