The Sergeant at Arms of the House of Representatives feels that lawmakers should not be allowed to carry guns within the Capitol.

In a new letter obtained exclusively to CNN, House Sergeant at Arms William J. Walker, one of the top security personnel on Capitol Hill

stated that he does not believe members should be allowed to carry firearms in the US Capitol Complex.

"I believe that no one should carry a firearm in the Capitol Complex unless they are actively engaged in law enforcement or the protection work done by, among others, myself

 the United States Capitol Police (USCP), the United States Secret Service, and the protective details of visiting foreign officials," he said.

Walker's remarks came only one day after a gunman opened fire at a Texas elementary school, killing 21 people. Walker's letter was sparked by a letter from Democratic House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer

in April, in which Hoyer requested Walker for clarification on whether the US Capitol could be deemed a "gun-free zone" except for security employees.

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