Rules of Pants Wearing

The hem can be altered, but not the knee.While hems can always be cuffed, any pants with a defined knee (think skinnies or flares) must fit properly.

Instead of a full tuck, consider a French tuck.
High-waist pants can wind up hitting just below your boobs unless you have a long torso in proportion to your legs.

Your best friend is the matching pyjama set.
We short people are well aware that wearing matching tops and bottoms tends to extend our body in an attractive way.

Rolling up your pants and calling it a look isn't enough.
Unless you have a pair of ultra-lightweight jeans that won't bulk out when rolled up and look good with a couple wrinkles.

Pay attention to how high your jeans rise.To establish whether you will be more comfortable in high-, medium-, or low-rise pants, assess if you are long- or short-waisted.

Cropped pants must appear to be proportionately cropped.It's simple to smile when you slip on a pair of pants that don't "need" to be hemmed.

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