Sugar Bug Vein in a Baby: What Does It Mean?

When babies are born, they may have a variety of marks or discolorations on their skin. 

This can be caused by birthmarks, birth trauma, stork bites, and other factors such as how newborns were positioned in the birth canal. 

Some of these marks will dissipate quickly, while others may take some time to fade. Parents may be concerned if they learn that their children have a sugar bug vein

 Fortunately, parents' concerns will dissipate after learning what the sugar bug vein on their newborns' noses is.

The sugar bug vein does not appear in all newborns. Those that do, however, will notice a very unique colour at the tip of their nose.

You Shouldn't Be Concerned About The Sugar Bug VeinWhile some traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that the sugar bug is a sign of poor digestion, others disagree.

Inflation to remain.

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