The 4 Most Expensive Burger Chains

Fast-food pricing aren't going down any time soon. According to Forbes, the average fast-food menu is currently 8% more expensive than it was in 2020. 

 Customers have mainly accepted the price hikes so far, and major retailers have recorded record profits in the past year.

You may have noticed price rises at your favourite fast-food joint: Chipotle has increased prices by over 10% since last year, while McDonald's has increased costs by 6%.

Shake Shack is one of the top 15 burger franchises in the United States, known for its signature "ShackBurger" and menu of hand-spun milkshakes and frozen custard.

The Colorado-based restaurant (owned by Jollibee) is known for its smashed-to-perfection burgers produced with never-frozen 100 percent angus beef

Sonic Drive-In has been serving burgers, hotdogs, slushes, and grilled cheese sandwiches since the 1950s, and is known for its drive-in and rollerskating carhops.

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