The oil-producing countries might not be who you think.

418,000 barrels per day in ThailandIn 2020, a total of 418,000 barrels of oil were produced each day in Thailand, down from 471,000 a day in 2019.

470,000 barrels per day in Australia
Australia isn't usually listed among the top 30 oil-producing countries in the world.

479,000 barrels per day in Ecuador
Ecuador decreased its oil production at the end of 2016 to assist stimulate demand and raise the global oil price

Venezuela: 540,000 barrels per day
Despite having the world's biggest oil reserves – a staggering 303 billion barrels –

596,000 barrels per day in MalaysiaMalaysia, Southeast Asia's second-largest oil producer, produced 596,000 barrels per day in 2020, down from 663,000 the previous year.

600,000 barrels per day in ArgentinaBetween 2019 and 2020, Argentina's oil production fell by about 20,000 barrels per day.

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