The fiddlehead season in Maine is back, and the prices are high.

Fiddleheads are one of Maine's most cherished delicacies, and springtime is the best time to get them.

Ostrich ferns are picked just before they uncurl to full length on these whimsically named plants.

They're harvested this early in the season since this is the most palatable stage, as long as they're cooked.

"They grow in the lowlands along riverbanks, and the fiddleheads prefer the silt from the river when it floods.

Nature's fertilizer for them is the nutrients that flow "According to Neil Reynolds, a tour guide at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester.

Pineland Farms offers a four-mile trip to hunt fiddleheads for $45 per person. Fiddleheads, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly pricey. 

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