The iPhone 14 release date has finally been revealed.

According to previous releases, the iPhone 14 will be released on a Tuesday in September, and a leaker has now revealed which Tuesday we should put on our calendars.

The Apple September Event in 2022 will take place on September 13, according to the Apple-focused website iDropNews, based on information from its own sources.

That's smack in the midst of the month, right when we expected it.

For the time being, take this date with a grain of salt, as it's possible that Apple is using it as a placeholder. If necessary, the corporation might put the date back for a variety of reasons

 and the leaker could simply be mistaken. Apart from the iPhone 14, the leaker claims that a slew of other devices would be released, albeit nothing new is specified.

There will reportedly be four iPhone 14s (a normal model, a Max, Pro, and Pro Max edition), an Apple Watch 8 with a 'Extreme Edition' for more outdoorsy pursuits

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