The peppers came out completely clean using this procedure.

Vegetable preparation can be a time-consuming process. It makes no difference whether you're going to toss them into a salad or sprinkle them on a taco. 

We all want to eat them, but we'd prefer to forgo the preparation. 

You can slice up bell peppers more easily and quickly according to a new TikTok video. You can rely on us.

You'll never want to go back to your old cutting method! So, who's eager to try out this new trick? Great!

We feel the same way! Why wouldn't you cut up bell peppers in this manner? This attack has also piqued the interest of TikTok users. 

We've been looking for a straightforward way to cut bell peppers for a long time. This trick is a definite winner. 

Why don't we eat other kinds of bird eggs in addition to chicken eggs?

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