According to CNET, Tesla displays the price of an entry-level Model 3 at $47,000, but the average transaction costs around $60,000. 

There's no doubting that electric vehicles provide numerous advantages and are the way of the future. 

However, the industry, which is experiencing record-high orders, still needs to clear the air on a number of issues, including meeting demand, expanding EV charging networks

addressing battery performance in cold and hot weather, and finding a way to combat inflation without passing the cost on to the consumer.

Even the most cheap electric automobiles in 2022 are still more expensive than gas cars. According to Kelly Blue Book

 the average transaction price for an electric vehicle in April 2021 was $51,532, compared to $22,798 for a gas compact car and $31,033 for a gas SUV or crossover. 

EV makers claim that EVs will save money on petrol and maintenance in the long run, however there are hidden costs.

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