Three major new Burger King sandwiches are currently being tested.

Burger King is stepping up its menu innovation game. In addition to the new breakfast sandwiches, the restaurant has been seen testing three new crispy chicken sandwiches at certain locations.

Some shops in New York City and Virginia are now selling crispy chicken sandwiches that aren't part of Burger King's iconic Ch'King line,

 according to Chew Boom. The new Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwiches are available in three flavours.

A crispy white flesh breast fillet is topped with savoury sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes and served on a toasted potato bun in the Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

Then there's the spicy version, which includes a triple pepper spicy glaze over the chicken fillet as well as all the other fixings.

The Bacon and Swiss Cheese is possibly the most intriguing of the bunch. A chicken fillet is covered with savoury sauce, creamy Swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce

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